back 14.12.22


It’s been exactly one month since the release of PRODUCER 2021. Thank you all so much for the support, reviews and recommendations. The game has been received extremely (100%) positively by cool consumers and candid colleagues alike.

Sadly, the game has not sold as many units as I hoped. But for an ill-defined, under-marketed and extremely weird niche product it’s done remarkably well. Again, thanks.

The soundtrack “fucking slaps” by the way. Thor is an amazing musician and his help and patience with my bullshit has been invaluable to the game.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with what I’ve learned during development. It’s easy to forget, but I was extremely happy in summer, just chipping away at an impossible task until it was done. The goal is to get back there.

Sadly, I’ve been unable to act on any plans for post-release support because of the inevitable post-release depression. A kind of aimless stumbling through endless brain fog.

Denial just extended the confused un-time by two weeks. Eventually, I realised that there’s a bunch of stuff that’s really interesting and that I want to explore. Coincidentally, none of it has anything to do with supporting PRODUCER. Weird.

Now, after a month of eating too much, moving too little and tinkering with various ideas and themes, I emerge from the mind-maze. Stronger? No, not really, but at least I can see the sun again.

I’ve been starting to take care of some of the things that I’d excused myself from taking care of during development. The most important of those is about organising my money and realising that, since I stopped smoking & drinking, I’ve basically spent nothing this year.

This means that I can keep making my weird stuff for a while longer before the money inevitably runs out! Yehaw!

This relative security, more than anything else perhaps, has motivated me to actually wrap PRODUCER 2021 up for good. There’s some advertisements to make, some thumbnails to redesign and some updates to develop. I should also finally put it on

I’ve also heard from multiple people that they miss these weekly blogposts, so I’ll try to bring them back. The last month just wasn’t filled with thoughts the world needs to hear.

Lacking a specific project, I’ll just write about whatever. It’s gonna be fun.

Oh, also: If you haven’t already, please consider buying PRODUCER 2021 and telling me what you think about it. I’m still waiting for the first negative review.