The small game is short. It can be played through in around 2 hours. Players are aware of this. They specifically seek out small games to get concrete experiences.

The small game avoids conventions. It does not desire to be like other video games. It is not trying to replictate the latest hit. It is its own thing.

The small game does not condemm other games. People love sitcoms. People love numbers going up. People love Pizza. Thats ok.

The small game is accessible. It does not require specific knowledge or the ability to press buttons quickly.

The small game wants to talk about something. It is here not only to entertain, but also to express something dear to its heart.

The small game treats all of its parts as tools of expression. Mechanics change over time, assets are not only there to be pretty and audio can do more than support a mood.

The small game is made on a low budget. It can not compete with big games in terms of production value. It explores new ground instead of polishing old paths.

The small game is made in a short amount of time. Since it does not need to be as big as other games, it can be developed relatively quickly

The small game wants to be bought. It does not try to be extremely obscure or hostile to its potential players. The small game wants developers to make more small games.

The small game wants to be a category of video games. It needs to establish a name for itself, so it can be discussed and played by a wider audience.

The small game is actually a very bad name. Suggestions are welcome. If enough games like this find conventional success, maybe the conversation around them will just generate a nice name.