producing PRODUCER 2021

13 - the week of never learn

Even if not stress-less, it’s been a crunch free week at least. Once again, I’ve realised something extremely important: Unplanned work is worse than useless.

I slid back into it at the beginning of the week. The to-do list seemed endless, so I just woke up and… worked. And then I stopped and went for a walk and came back and… worked some more and at the end of the day it felt like nothing had happened. No progress, just work.

In once case I even destroyed a perfectly fine sequence, just because, in the spur of the moment, I thought that I could do better. I couldn’t, but it took me like 3 hours to realise that.

On wednesday, after wasting the whole day on inconsequential rewrites, I finally understood the problem.

I had stopped planning. I was just working at whatever was in front of me at any given moment, going in circles for lack of a bigger perspective.

Once again, the same old problem. This must have happened like 10 times by now, on producer alone. Why don’t I learn?


As if in revenge, thursday was relentlessly productive.

Repeat until there are no more gamebreaking bugs. It’s easy, but it requires you to abandon the notion that the third act will flow well. You have to kind of separate the stuff that hurts your grand old vision from the stuff that’s important to ship.

Ironically, being major-bug-free was such a relief that I was able to go over act 3 with renewed enthusiasm.

Also, the deadline. Novemeber 14th. I had to get the game out to a large number of testers to find all the really cursed bugs as soon as possible. Cut and cauterise and get it all done.

Initial feedback is very positive. No gamebreaking bugs.

Next week will be marketing. Way too late as usual, but I still got some tricks up my sleeve. Time to channel the inner psychopath. PRODUCER 2021 is my dream game please wishlist support indie dev retweets wouldn’t have thought I could zelda inspired.

Cheers, josh

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