producing PRODUCER 2021

14 - The week of fog

Producer releases in 3 days. The testers generally enyjoed it. I fixed all the spelling mistakes. The known bugs have been squashed. We’re kind of ready to go, but not really.

The builds I upload to steam keep having debugging options enabled. I need to test the game a couple of times, just to be sure about some edge cases, but I can’t find the willpower. I need to make a promotional dev-log-style youtube thing. The brain fog is setting in.

I’ve made all the weird little icons for windows today. Tomorrow I need to rework the steampage one last time. Also, the soundtrack DLC thing is a mystery to me.

We’ve managed to scour quite a few wishlists in this week of regular marketing. Yay for numbers going up. Who knows, maybe it’ll even be enough? People really love the music, which is good.

I play through the game and I don’t feel anything. Who made this? I guess I thought this joke was funny. Oh that line is pretty wooden, welp, should’ve fixed that 5 weeks ago. It’s all pretty calm though, like I see it through a aquarium. Oh, what a pretty little fish. Well, let’s move on.

Today I just didn’t really work. I went for a long walk and slept on the sofa for 2 hours and defeated the beast of the boreal valley or whatever in a new Dark Souls 3 run. I play as a knight this time, with a broadsword+1. What am I doing? Who knows. It’s midnight soon.

Blogpost over.

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