published 22/01/19

Useful Hell

Twitter is keeping me from making games.

When I first signed up, it was this wonderful place, full of people I wanted to interact with, full of potential appreciation for my games, a place full of promise.

It still is all of these things, but whenever I have a second to spare, my hands autmatically switch tabs and click on the tiny blue bell and I find myself, half an hour later, scrolling and not enjoying my time at all.

I have become addicted and I want to quit.
Through this text, I hope to break that addiction.
Or at least weaken it.
I do not want to leave completely.

Getting started

Twitter has been incredibly useful to me.
I got job offers, connections to publishers and developers and met people I now call friends through it.

When I started to make games, I had incredibly low self esteem. While I am not a confidence bomb now, the fact that a lot of people have seen and enjoyed my work still helps me in some darker hours.

Likes and retweets make me feel good about myself. How do I get more?

Use twitter

Here are some tactics that I have been using to get people to interact with my content:

get used by twitter

Here I will describe how twitter slowly took over my life:

Getting away from twitter

Twitter helped me a lot. I met great friends through it. I got contacts and business opportunities through it. But it has taken over my life.

I want to get better at making games.
To do that, I have to make a lot of games and my addiction is keeping me from doing that.

I can not bring myself to completely dissapear from the platform, so here I will publicly lay down some rules for myself, hoping that I will be able to follow them:

I really hope that this helps me to get away.
There are so many cool projects to work on, hopefully I will be able to share them with you soon!